Posted by: jinghang | June 25, 2010

It is the 18th week of my PEP course. In my English study, there are many mistakes in my English writing, especially the English grammar. As the teacher told me that, there are many problems in my English writing, in addition, the most serious issue is the verb form. In this post, I am going to discuss the mistakes in my writing and my plan to solve this issue. First of all, the verb form issue is the problem of my English grammar. In my writing, I always cannot use the correct verb form in my English writing. For example, in my assignments, “it is the best study style for student learn”. “choose the different study style in different course is the right way.” These are two mistakes in my assignment. Actually, in these two sentences, the correct sentence should be: “it is the best study style for students learning.” And “choosing the different study styles in different courses is the right way.” In addition, verb form mistakes usually happen in my English writing. Generally, in English, when using a verb to be the noun, the verb should be verb present participle. It is difficult to understand which verb form should be used in the different sentences. There are several ways to solve this problem. Secondly, there are several ways to solve the verb form mistakes in the English grammar. Firstly, I should do more reading, in the reading, to find out the different verb forms in the articles. Personally, it is the best way to solve the problem, because I can find the correct ways of the verb form. Also using the dictionary, to check the examples of the different verb form is another good way to solve the verb form problem. Of course, I should have a plan for doing that. For example, when I am reading, try to highlight the different verb form, and to think about the different verb forms in different sentences, and the rule for using verb form. As a plan, to do this work 1~2 times a week, I believe that it will be helpful for my writing. These are the ways to solve my verb form problem. In conclusion, verb form mistakes are the most serious issues in my English grammar. I had a plan for this problem. I hope it will be helpful to my mistakes. Anyway, working hardly and working smartly, my problems of grammar will be solved.

Posted by: jinghang | June 1, 2010

An old problem.

These five weeks will end, but I just realize that time goes quickly. During these five weeks, I followed my learning strategies to improve English. It seems that there are some achievements in speaking and listening. However, there is also an urgent problem for me, which is academic writing. The issues are grammars and logical developments. I have done some writing practice to improve the developments in articles. I focus on some specific explanation and give more details to illustrate topic sentences in each paragraph. Moreover, I found this method was really effective and useful for my writing, particularly for strong the position. However, grammar mistakes confused me all the time. I think one reason is the understanding and usage of grammars. Sometimes, misunderstanding of grammars makes me confused in organizing structures. On the other hand, another problem is the careless and hot nut. I think when I do some writing for a long time, I always make myself in a hard situation. Because long time writing makes my brain tired and it cannot works well. Therefore, when I proofread my assignments I cannot figure out mistakes. I think what I could do is to put assignments away and go out for a while. That could help me to get a fresh mind and then to do proofreading again. In addition, the patient is also necessary for me. To be frank, I get a issue which to improve my grammar in academic writing, and the only way I found is to practice. That is all my problems, my classmates, if you have any good strategies or advices, please share with me. Thank you!

Posted by: jinghang | May 13, 2010

A long term summary.

According to these 12 weeks, I feel a little familiar with the academic study and could solve some problems independently.  I think the independent study is the most important learning skill what I should gain.

At the beginning of the PEP, I found the most difficult thing for me is speaking, because I had difficulties with my listening and lacked of confidence.  Then I made some strategies to solve this problem.  Firstly, I chose some English movies and radios to improve my listening, for example “Friends”, SAFM and so on.  Secondly, I always play basketball at weekends, and then I made some local friends and talked with them in games and break.  Thirdly, I chose to eat at restaurant and to shopping at holiday in order to enforce myself to communicate with local people and to build up my confidence.  All above are my experiences and methods to solve the problems in speaking.  At the same time, those strategies also help me to improve my listening and adapt to Australian culture.

Another problem is writing. I divided the problem into two main parts.  The first one is grammar.  I realized that I always ignored tenses when I wrote something, especially the past tenses.  However, the only thing I can do is to be careful when I using it and to do some writing practice in past tenses. After that is the structure.  I would like to write long sentences, because I thought the long sentences could be looked beautiful and academic.  Nevertheless I might make some mistakes about structure from others’ feedbacks, such as unclear and repeat.  So I tried to short sentences and made them specific.  The second problem for me is vocabulary, which includes the word form and context.  I made a plan to remember new vocabularies, not only from dictionary but also when I was reading.  After around five weeks practice, I got some benefits in order to do some writing and reading.

However, from the week 11 on, I found a new problem for me, which is the work allocation.  As we all known, there are many long-term assignments during these 5 weeks, such as IRP.  Therefore I got a couple of time to prepare for assignments during the quiet time.  Whereas I felt confused about how to plan my work and time management.  Now I found a solution for this problem, which is I make a plan of the assignment and then mark them by date.  In addition, I enforce myself to follow the plan and finish the work of each day.  Finally, I found it is useful to my long-term assignments.

To sum up, I met many problems and made some mistakes during the last 12 weeks.  However, the above problems are the particular ones.  Maybe my classmates you might the same problems and got better solutions.  Please give me some advices or discuss with me.  The more discuss we have, the better solutions we will get!

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Time flies, 10 weeks nearly finish.  After today’s oral presentation, I went back home and looked at the schedule.  I found that this week is a busy week.  Although we have finished the essay and case study, we will have two exams on Thursday and Friday.  In addition, it is said that we will have a one-week break, and then continue to next 10 weeks study, like a train though a tunnel and get in another one.  Hence, I think that is not finish, there will be a harder situation waiting for me.  And the flowing next 10 weeks may much more important for our study.  Now the most important thing for me is the following exams. After that if I have a nine-day break, I will stand and look back.  Furthermore, I will spend two or three days in self-evaluation, especially using the feedbacks of past 10 weeks to keep the strength and overcome the weakness.  While not only in study, but also my daily life.  I also need relax in my holiday.  I love travelling, and I would like to know the new things in the world.  I decide to go to Melbourne or Sydney for three or four days, if I have chance.  However, the basic point is I should finish my self-evaluation and organize my following time well. And it also depends on how many homework we will get.  It is really a hard question for me, which is to stay at home for study or to go to enjoy the holiday.  As the lines said in Hamlet, “To be or not to be, that’s a question.”

Posted by: jinghang | April 18, 2010

Eight weeks has past, I still feel a little difficult in PEP study.  According to this period learning, I really feel difficult in PEP course, such as listening, note-taking and writing.  I found that the most difficult thing in study is not only the language, but also the psychology.

One week left, the middle break is coming.  I experienced the following process, which are difficult, interesting, active, boring, and effort.  And then I found that the process of study was a hard period, and I should be careful and positive all the time.  Every time when I felt tired, I always told myself I came here for study and I tried to enforce myself to continue.  Overall, during the past 9 weeks, I have become to enjoy the study.  I hope I could keep this altitude until to not only the end of PEP course, but also the university.

Posted by: jinghang | March 26, 2010

A new start.

According to the schedule of these five weeks, I think the most important and difficult thing is the essay.  Because I have never done that before, however, the main purpose for this part study is to complete the essay by ourselves.  This time I think I should to make a clear and effective schedule first for essay writing, in case of any changes or mistakes happened before the due date.  Furthermore, it is also very necessary for me to read and translate the “Essay Reading” clearly.  That can very useful for me to write the essay, because we have to use the information and resources of the reading for essay.  Moreover, I find some articles about how to write an academic essay, which including the structure and strategies.  Here is a example about that, and then my classmates if you want to get more information about it, you can find it on My Uni.  If you cannot find, you may follow this. I hope that may be useful for you, my classmates.

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Wake up.

During these weeks, I find that I have lots of things to do, such as listening, speaking,  reading and writing.  However,  I should pay more attention to details what the feedback said of the first blog.  It is important for me to make a plan not only about the time management, but also about the learning skills improving by details.

According to the Poster, I get a big lesson.  There is another important thing for me is to finish work earlier and to use the right software, the Poster is a good example.  That not only makes the job fail, but also loss my partner hope.  To be honest, I care about the academic score, but I feel very sorry to Hadil , my partner. Because of my mistake, our efforts come into vain. I apologize to Hadil here.  Then I should look back and think over the mistake what I made, also some I did not noticed.  Now, it is necessary for me to make a plan for following weeks in a positive attitude.

Posted by: jinghang | March 1, 2010

Looking for a way out.

During the past two weeks, I found that it is really good to live in Adelaide.  But there are also some problems confusing me in study and daily life.

Listening is the most difficult part for me in my studies.  The reason why I consider this problem difficult is getting infomation first by this way.  Sometimes I talk to locals carefully, but I can not follow what they said completely.  Not only talking with others, but also listening to some lectures or lessones. 

I divide these reasons into four parts.  The first reason is that the less vocabulary that I got.  For example, sometimes I can not talk with my foreign friends or classmates fluently when they speak some new words which I do not know.  Secondly, the way of my thoughts.  It is obversily that people from different country have different backgrounds, then I always misuderstand what other people said. Thirdly, nervous,which makes me fail to listen to others.  When I feel nervous, I can not think about what people said clearly.  The last reason is lacking of the practise of listening. As a resault of I do not often communicate with residents, so it is also a significant part which I should do.

First of all, I think I need to remember more new vocabulary as possible as I can. Because it is essentional for learning a new language.  Imaging that if you do not know what people said, and then how can you communicate with others.  Secondly, as we all known, different people have different backgrounds. So what I should do is to make myself adapt to the new environment and enjoy its culture and lifestyle.  In addition, I think I can communicate with locals esaily and naturally.  Furthermore, to build up confidence is a good way to beat nervous.  I can try to talk to local people or to read news loudly.  The last but not the least, I think I have to make a strategy to practise my listening skill.  Both of the early morning and before I go to bed, I can listen to some English music or radio programs.  Watching some TV programs or reading some news when I have meals.  Acturally, to communicate with local people is the most effective way to improve my listening skill.

Overall, I think to be confident to talk with others is more important.  The more practise I do, the better result I will get.  Tomorrow is another day.

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Life in Adelaide,living in English.

I’ve already been here for 12 days.  From the plane landed  to now, everything around me is new and special.Unfortunately, all of them are English, on the other hand, that is also pretty good in improving my English.

The weahter here is  hot and the sunshine is very strong, but I love it.

The sky here is so clear, but it seems a bit lower than China.

The air here is really fresh.  To refer to a lines of  a chinese movie ‘ She is not cough anymore! ‘   Maybe some of my classmates can not understand this humor.

The people here is very frendly.(Only heared .lol.) Cause I have no chance to communicate to registers, except the teachers.

The good here is OK.I told myself ‘Come on, never exchange the price to chinese yuan.’

The @#$%^&*(!#$%^……

Missing U my family.